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Is it time to upgrade your electric panel or do you need additional circuits? If that is the case, look no further than Advanced Concepts Electrical for your electrical panel services. Most panels have been adequately designed. That said homes that have had a previous electrical panel grade could contain parts that have degraded over the years, especially if located outdoors. As a result, your electric panel may be unsafe and pose a safety issue for you and your family. What can make old electric panels unsafe are their limitations on available space to add circuits. Or they may have fuses.

Reasons for upgrading your main electrical service panel Redlands, CA

It’s important to upgrade and inspect regularly your panels. Here are many things that can go wrong if you have a sudden electrical outage.

– Your electrical panel is warm.
– Your panel smells like it’s burning
– You’re remodeling or adding a new room.
– Old or Damaged Wiring
– Breakers are unable to remain reset

Electric Panel Upgrade Services Redlands, CA

If you need additional circuit breakers for your electrical panel or if it’s time for an upgrade, look no further than Casteel for all of your electrical panel services in Redlands, area. Our top-rated electricians have enough experience and can ensure that your panel is safe and can manage the amount of electricity that your home requires. We provide a long range of services Including:

  • Installation of an Additional Electrical Panel
  • Installation of a New Service and Electric Panel
  • Upgrading to 20 Amp Service
  • Adding New Circuits
  • Replacing Damaged Circuit Breakers
  • Replacing Rusted-out Meters and Panels

24/7 Emergency Services in Redlands, CA

All pieces of electric equipment should be installed by a qualified electrician. Period! This is a serious business and people can get hurt and property damaged. Please don’t take a chance with your safety (or the safety of others), it is just not worth the consequences.

If you have an after-hours emergency, rest assured that we are available to tend to your request. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you can have the help you need at any time of the day or night. Our team is always on time, reliable, and trustworthy, and we will attend to your emergency immediately.

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